Letters of Support

“I believe Connected Horse is really onto something. Theirs is an organization that provides therapeutic equine therapy to those experiencing memory loss and dementia, along with their families and communities, to bring compassionate care and healing between people and horses. Please join me in supporting this worthy organization. 

Robert Redford
Actor, Filmmaker, Environmentalist

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photo credit: Linda Solomon

“Horses’ innate abilities to understand their environment, support their herd and provide nonjudgmental responses and feedback allow for a rich learning and healing environment. Combining working with horses with workshop exercises such as mindfulness leads to a therapeutic result, including reducing feelings of depression and anxiety, strengthening coping skills and reducing isolation…

Michael Splaine, MA,
CEO Cognitive Solutions, LLC

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“Not only as an advocate of horse and human harmony and connection, but also as a Certified HeartMath Trainer, I am always aware of exemplary programs, methods and tools that successfully help manage stress, anxiety, and mental blocks. Connected Horse is one such program. 

Kansas Carradine
Horsewoman, Entertainer, Educator

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