Barn Connection Program

Sensory Engagement Kits

When it’s hard to stay connected, our sensory engagement kits can help.

As part of our Barn Connection program for home-bound outreach, the Connected Horse sensory engagement kits are ideal for anyone affected by memory changes or dementia and their care partners. The kits are provided to create a virtual ‘day at the barn.’ 

About the Kits

Each sensory engagement kit provides an enjoyable complete sensory experience to share together and encourage the feeling of being present in the moment and a fun relaxation experience.

Our sensory engagement kits come with a set of our unique sensory stimulating exercises and carefully selected items to invigorate all your different senses.

Kits can be directly mailed to your home and a Barn Connection Coordinator will guide you through the exercises. A suggested donation of $45 will directly benefit Connected Horse, an organization that empowers people affected by memory changes or dementia and their care partners.

To order, email our barn connection coordinator or call (707) 718-3918.

What is sensory engagement and why would it benefit someone with memory changes or dementia?

Sensory engagement uses everyday objects to awaken one or more of your senses. Hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch serve us throughout our lives to trigger pleasant memories, facilitate non-verbal communication, and contribute to a sense of meaning and connection.

Triggering the senses can help a person living with dementia (or anyone going through a stressful time) to reduce their anxiety and agitation. It can help to quiet a busy mind. 

Our kits provide you with the tools you need to experience this sensory engagement—one of the foundational approaches we use in our Connected Horse in-person facilitated workshops—at home on your own time.